Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Broward County - No Kill County

Broward county Florida is the buffer county between Palm Beach county (to the north) and Miami-Dade county (to the south) in southeast Florida. Broward is home to some of Florida’s major cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. Broward is full of beautiful public beaches, parks, nature preserves, and beautifully landscaped neighborhoods. It is also home to a number of animal lovers, especially in Pompano Beach Florida. Recently, a new proposal has been put up for discussion regarding Pompano Beach’s surplus population of feral cats. Typically feral cats are trapped and euthanized in Broward county Florida due to the argument that it is “more humane than leaving them” on the streets to acquire parasites, mange, and to battle starvation and a lack of shelter. However, an animal activist group known as Alley Cat Allies has proposed a truly humane alternative: a process known as TNR (trap-neuter-release). This process suggests that all of Broward county Florida becomes a no-kill county, and instead of capturing and euthanizing feral cats, to neuter them and set them back into the “wild”. Instead of euthanizing cats based upon the assumption that they will not have good lives as feral animals, this new program suggests a fail-safe method of population control. Both courses of action encourage population control in feral cats, however this new proposed method helps keep them from reproducing while still allowing them to lead natural lives. The article goes on to state that some data suggests that feral cats are on average just as healthy as domesticated cats. Either way, Broward county is taking a step in the right direction towards animal activism. Information derived from this article.

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